New SS22 Collection Launched

New SS22 Collection Launched

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Our 1st part of our seasonal collection has officially been released. We welcome our spring/summer 2022 collection (SS22). Being suited for the warmer months, we have produced and restocked our lightweight outerwear for women. It is a small capsule collection, but some of these pieces have been around since our brand's inception; and they're still popular today. 

The products have been reshot on our new lovely models who are Shannon (@shanxo0), Shanice (@mxxed) and Lauryn (@laurynluvena). With the new reshoots of our popular styles we have been able to newly capture updated quality and angles that we didn't have the option to before with old technology/photography. We would like to thank our photography studio Pic-Up for the amazing photography that they always do for us on our campaigns. 

SS22 is officially available on all our channels. Buy direct from our SS22 website collection here

By September we will be announcing and releasing our Autumn/Winter 2022 collection (AW22), which is our popular winter outerwear collection. Stay tuned for that! Thanks for reading viewers. Stay warm, stay beautiful, stay De La Creme!

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