Fashion Brand Of The Year: We've Been Nominated!

Fashion Brand Of The Year: We've Been Nominated!

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It is with great pride that we would like to let all our lovely customers and supporters know that we have been nominated for a prestigious award! We'd like to add that since our brand's inception, this will be the first time that we have ever been nominated for any kind of reward for that matter! So we are still taking it in, as the feeling is sublime! 

The magazine behind the awards is Hinton Magazine, the magazine who wrote our first ever article not too long ago. To read that article, you can click here. Hinton Magazine are hosting their sophomore awards ceremony after a successful turnout last year, albeit a virtual one, due to global covid-19 restrictions and safety measures. As Hinton say themselves: 

The Awards launched in 2020 were created to honour those who go that extra mile in their respective industries. Many of the 2020 awards recognised brands and people who have made major impacts in their industry in what can only be described as an unprecedented 12 months. And now the awards are back to honour even more people then ever before!

The award we have been nominated for is: Fashion Brand Of The Year

WOW! I know right! Us? Fashion Brand Of The Year?! How?! 

There are many reasons why we could be nominated for this award. At De La Creme we strive to go further than just a brand selling clothing products online. We've prided ourselves at being a movement for change against current global issues:

  • During the start of COVID-19 Lockdown in UK around March 2020, we reduced our workforce. Myself, and other head of departments only came in to do essential jobs. Other staff were instructed to stay home for health and safety. We are still operating at a reduced workforce, only getting essential staff in and have introduced new hygiene and sanitary methods to ensure the spread of COVID-19 is reduced. This is an example of where we put ourselves first and cared for others. 
  • In height of the current situation in Palestine/Israel, we have taken the big step in stopping all forms of trade with the illegal occupied state of Israel. We have ceased shipping our products to Israel, we have ceased working with any Israeli companies. This is not an act of anti-Semitism, this is an act of humanity. Palestine is being illegally occupied, it's people are being evicted from houses, being attacked and bombed upon. We will not fund a country in any way or form that carry out such vile acts. 
  • De La Creme Fashions pride themselves in being an ethnic minority owned family company. Being from South Asia ourselves, we felt our ethnicity was under-represented in the fashion industry (Apart from South Asian Fashion), so we have worked towards changing that status quo. We just finished our latest big AW21 campaign, featuring South Asian models. This is our step to changing the dynamic. We are all for diversity, equality and inclusion. And we hope we took a step forward to making that change! Stay tuned for our latest AW21 campaign, featuring our stunning Asian models!

The virtual awards show is set to take place in September 2021 with a private viewing for nominees and a select few taking place on Thursday 9th September, with the show being released to the public on Sunday 12th September. Nominations for the awards closed on 10/8/21. We thank all our lovely customers and supporters who nominated us. Hopefully on 9th September we can update you guys with good news (fingers crossed!)

To read more about the Hinton Magazine Awards 2021, click here
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Well done De La Creme Fashions! I hope you win the award! You guys deserve it! 👍

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