Our BIG update is now live!

Our BIG update is now live!

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We've updated our store to bring it up to date with today's ever changing e-commerce world! By working alongside experts at improving website performance, we've managed to improve all our features exponentially. 


From our previous store layout of black and white primary colours, we've changed to a more simpler, easy to view light colours. Our store navigation has been updated to give a more detailed browse for customers!


Pages are now more responsive. We've gotten rid of all the boring stuff from our store that was slowing us down. By freeing up space, we have more space to move around. We also added new features that help in the response and design of our store too.


Using expert tools, we are now able to make our product pages, images and overall store load faster. Expanding on the last paragraph, we've got rid of things that were slowing us down. Added things to improve the store. As well as do everything else necessary to continuously work towards a better store experience.


We hope you all enjoy the new store layout! Greater things are coming. Thanks for your ongoing support!

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