De La Creme Fashions Sponsors Balinga FC

De La Creme Fashions Sponsors Balinga FC

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As mentioned before, we have strived to be known as not only a fashion brand, but a movement for change. Another step forward towards change was by our next sponsorship. We at De La Creme were proud and honoured to sponsor a Bangladeshi Village Team for their football kit, to represent in their Bangladesh Village Cup. 

Balinga FC

Balinga FC

Balinga FC represents the small village of Balinga, from the sub-district of Beani Bazar located in the city of Sylhet in Bangladesh. The team were part of the 30 team strong Beani Bazar Sporting Club Football tournament. The tournament was held at Mile End, East London, on 15th August.  The first of its kind in the UK, the main aim of the tournament was to engage different age groups of the people of Beani Bazar here in the UK with their roots in Bangladesh, via village representation in their respective teams. What a great turnout it was!

The event was managed by the Beani Bazar Sporting Club UK committee. They had this to say about the event:

“This is what Beanibazar Sporting Club UK is about – small projects to engage with our community. Really, it has been a day of great joy – seeing so many familiar faces, many who have met each other after years and decades. We’re very proud of this achievement." (East London News)

The charity partner for the day was Beani Bazar Cancer and General Hospital, a charity based in the UK that aims to create awareness of and provide medical treatment for disadvantaged cancer patients in Bangladesh.

With our family roots being in Balinga, De La Creme Fashions were proud to sponsor Balinga FC's football kit alongside Eden Peri Peri. Eden Peri Peri is a restaurant chain located in East London. The owner of the company has family roots also in Balinga, so the sponsorship felt automatic. 

Balinga FC Football Kit

Unfortunately Balinga FC were not able to win this year's tournament. We at De La Creme were rooting for them from the start of the tournament till the very end. Balinga FC played valiantly and progressed to the quarter finals of the tournament. Nevertheless, as first time contenders, being quarter-finalists is a great achievement in itself. We will be wishing them the very best of luck in their next tournament a year from now. You will for sure catch us sponsoring Balinga FC from next year and onwards. 

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Jamir Chowdhury

Excellent blog! Looking forward to your next one

Thank you De La Creme and Eden Peri Peri for your generosity by sponsoring.

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