Top Spring/Summer Outerwear Options

Top Spring/Summer Outerwear Options

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Blue Spring Coat

We’ve always loved the option of having a few lightweight layers to choose from when you're getting dressed for the day. Part of that comes from the climate that we live in, where layers are really key for any time of the year. In the mornings and evenings of winter you’ll want to bundle up, but sometimes you’ll ditch the scarf and gloves in the middle of the day when the sun is shining!

But what are we doing talking about winter anyway? Spring/Summer is here!

if you love warmer temperatures and in prepping and choosing pieces for this Spring Style series, then our goal is to provide suggestions on timeless, classic pieces that you can wear year after year in certain seasons.

Let’s dive into the outerwear picks!


In general, there are few pieces we tend to choose from more than any other style. Most commonly trench coats. We've seen these styles the most and find them to work in plenty of other seasons beyond spring-time.

Trench Coats

A timeless classic. Known to be the go-to for formal or casual spring/summer outfits. When it comes to a trench coat, we like a tan/beige colour, a tie belt at the waist, and double breasted fastening. All of those elements make a trench coat both functional and sleek. Aren’t the tie details cute?

Beyond these basics, other fun springtime outerwear picks could be a longline blazers (which we will be launching very soon!)

Stay tuned for more blog posts. Thanks for reading! 

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